06 Jul

WYOU (Wilkes-Barre, PA) Give Snackeez a Try!


WYOU decided to give Snackeez a try for their “Tuesday Tryout” series during PA Live!   Jasmine uses the Snackeez for herself and she has it filed with some banana slices.

“I love it!  This is great, “Jasmine exclaims.  “This is good for the car…I really love this thing.”

They note the flip top lid on the Snackeez that snaps quickly and firmly and they remark how they love the colors.

Watch their full Snackeez review below to hear more of their thoughts:

8 thoughts on “WYOU (Wilkes-Barre, PA) Give Snackeez a Try!

  1. I really like this for play time, it will allow my child to have a snack and drink and not get messy!

  2. It seem’s like snack time got a whole lot cleaner and full of fun! What a neat looking product!

  3. My nieces birthday is this weekend and I’ve been looking for the perfect something to add to her gift basket. Awesome!

  4. It has a straw which means you don’t have to open the lid to drink from the cup, this looks like a must try product!

  5. I would totally carry this cup with me around my college campus! I agree this is such a cool idea to have a snack and drink in one.

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