21 May


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03 May

Dry Hair? Try These Tips!

Managing dry hair can be tough. Weather, water quality, diet, and season all affect us. Our hair needs hydration just as we do, so we’ve listed some do’s and don’ts when it comes to handling our dry hair:

Do:Dry hair 1

  • When possible, let your hair rest from styling tools to give it a chance to recover
  • Protect your hair before swimming with a good coating of conditioner or a swim cap
  • Treat your hair to a deep conditioning mask or hot oil treatment weekly
  • Both Argan and Coconut oil are hydrating and nourishing and can be applied when your hair is wet
  • Always use a wide tooth comb on wet hair to avoid breakage
  • Manage your split ends with regular trims
  • A healthy diet can also lead to healthy hair and nails, so eat well and drink a lot of water
  • Use moisturizing conditioner, such as Keranique, after shampooing
  • After towel drying, run a leave-in conditioner through your hair


  • Don’t over wash your hair because you’ll strip the natural oils it needs for hydration
  • Don’t rinse your hair in hot water; it’s bad for your scalp and follicles
  • Be careful of heat!
  • Overexposure to the sun can damage your hair, so consider wearing a scarf or hat
  • Don’t overuse hair dyes because they will strip your hair and turn it brittle
  • Stay clear of chemical straighteners
  • Stay away from metal or cheap brushes


To find out more about healthy hair products, visit Keranique.

03 May

How Hard Water Affects Your Hair

Have you heard of hard water? It has a higher content of certain minerals, like calcium and magnesium. This excess of minerals leaves a residue even after the water is gone. When our hair gets coated in these minerals, it makes it harder to rinse the soap out, so our hair ends up feeling brittle and hard. Gee, thanks, hard water.Hard water

Hard water is a problem, but guess what? Problems have solutions, so here are a couple that you can try:

  1. Try adding one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 3 cups of water and message in after shampooing. It helps remove build-up, increase volume, and add shine.
  2. Use healthy hair products like Keranique once or twice weekly to help minimize build-up.
  3. Water softeners treat the hard water issues throughout your whole house.
  4. Shower filters run about $40 and up with good results, and they’re a great solution if you are renting or don’t have much to spend.
  5. Do your final rinse with bottled water. It can get expensive, but it’s quick and easy.

To learn more healthy hair products, visit Keranique.

02 Sep

The History of the Snuggie with World News Now

ABC’s World News Now explored some history about one the world’s most popular As Seen on TV products: the Snuggie! The piece begins with shots from a Snuggie commercial and a World News Now anchor saying it’s the “commercial that launched a revolution!”  It certainly was!

Both anchors celebrated their “Snuggie Appreciation Day” by wearing some green plaid Snuggies. They discussed the success of the Snuggie, the various prints available, a number of items from the Snuggie line, and how you can use a Snuggie for Halloween (it’s right about the corner!)


Watch the Snuggie video and be sure to visit and Like the Snuggie Facebook page for all the latest Snuggie news and information.

25 Jul

FOX17 (Grand Rapids, MI) Considers Cool It Caddy

There’s no denying it!  The hot summer months are here!   While it’s the perfect time to hit the beach or have a BBQ, there are some considerations one needs to consider during the hot days.


Introducing Cool-It Caddy!  Cool-it Caddy (and Icepops) are personal coolers created by Vinci Designs.  These caddies claim to be able to keep your lip lusters, sunscreen, snacks, medications and make-up chilled even in the hottest of places.

FOX 17 decided to give Cool It Caddy a test and to see if they’re really as “cool” as they look.  They tested it at a local waterpark on a hot day by filling up their Cool It Caddy with heat-sensitive products like lipstick and concealer.

Find out if the Cool It Caddy passed their tests by watching the video below:

16 Jul

WVEC (Norfolk, VA) Explores Catch Caddy

The Catch Caddy car organizer is the car seat caddy that is designed to specifically catch and store anything before it falls between your seat and the center console.

Sandra Parker (from WVEC) decided to explore the Catch Caddy for one of her weekly “Does it Work?” segements and she asked local resident, and busy mother, Courtney Thrift, to help her with the test.


Courtney says “I’m tired of having to reach down and find my keys if I drop them or [my child’s] pacifier or her snacks or anything I drop.”  Courtney then places the Catch Caddy organizers into her car.

Find out if Courtney liked Catch Caddy in the video below:

06 Jul

WYOU (Wilkes-Barre, PA) Give Snackeez a Try!


WYOU decided to give Snackeez a try for their “Tuesday Tryout” series during PA Live!   Jasmine uses the Snackeez for herself and she has it filed with some banana slices.

“I love it!  This is great, “Jasmine exclaims.  “This is good for the car…I really love this thing.”

They note the flip top lid on the Snackeez that snaps quickly and firmly and they remark how they love the colors.

Watch their full Snackeez review below to hear more of their thoughts:

28 Jun

FOX28 (South Bend, IN) Considers the Drain Weasel


Clogged drains can be a real nuisance!  Instead of immediately calling that plumber you may be able to do some unclogging with Drain Weasel.

FOX 28 recently decided to put the Drain Weasal to the test to see if their viewers can save some money.  KWWL viewer, Emily Neuendorf,, says every two or three months she notices the bathtub drain getting clogged and she agreed to give Drain Weasel a try. 

The product maker markets the Drain Weasel as safe, given no chemicals are used and Neuendorf liked the idea of no harsh ingredients, but did the Drain Weasel work for her?  Watch the video below to find out:

Fox 28: South Bend, Elkhart IN News, Weather, Sports