16 Jul

WVEC (Norfolk, VA) Explores Catch Caddy

The Catch Caddy car organizer is the car seat caddy that is designed to specifically catch and store anything before it falls between your seat and the center console.

Sandra Parker (from WVEC) decided to explore the Catch Caddy for one of her weekly “Does it Work?” segements and she asked local resident, and busy mother, Courtney Thrift, to help her with the test.


Courtney says “I’m tired of having to reach down and find my keys if I drop them or [my child’s] pacifier or her snacks or anything I drop.”  Courtney then places the Catch Caddy organizers into her car.

Find out if Courtney liked Catch Caddy in the video below:

05 May

WHP (Harirsburg, PA) Considers Wipe New Headlight Restore


WHP decided to consider Wipe New Headlight Restore for their “Buy or Bust” segment and they asked if Wipe New could save you money come “car inspection” time.

They met with Jerry Leahy of Leahy Auto Body to help them with their Wipe New Headlight Restore review. Jerry Leahy went into his stock pile and found an old light. Headlights that should shine 1,000 feet will only project 400 to 800 feet when they become old. Eventually, those lights could fail inspection and ven cost hundreds to replace or fix.

They decided to test one of these old lights with Wipe New Headlight Restore.  Find out what they thought in the video below:

04 Mar

WREG (Memphis, TN) Says Wipe New Passes the Test!


WREG anchor, Corie Ventura, considers Wipe New for her “Does It Really Work?” series and she asked equipment manager and travel coordinator for the Memphis Grizzlies basketball team, Charles Sweeny, to help her with the Wipe New review.

They decide to do side-by-side tests with Wipe New and they apply Wipe New of a bumper, sun damaged side mirror, and dashboard of Sweeny’s automobile.

See how Wipe New performed for them in the video below:

28 Dec

KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX) Ask if Wipe New is a Deal or Dud

Wipe New penetrates and binds to the surface to restore showroom shine to car bumpers, dashboards, rims and more. The folks at KDFW decided to test Wipe to see if it could deliver. Is Wipe New a “deal or dud?”

The test it on a Land Rover with the help one Texas son – Hal Jeffers – who was curious about Wipe New. They were quite please with the results. After applying Wipe New on his vehicle they also tested it by running it through multiple car washes.

“I think it’s a ‘Deal'” declares Jeffers. Watch the full Wipe New video review from KDFW:

Wipe New Review | myFOXdfw.com

23 Sep

KSFY (Sioux Falls, SD) Ask if Wipe New Really Works

KSFY news reporter, Nancy Naeve, decided to test Wipe New for this ABC station’s “Does it Work?” series. She tried the Wipe New car restorer on the station’s 2005 Ford Freestyle and says:

“I have to tell you, for the few minutes, at best, that it took me to do this and how easy it was and how good it looks, I say it works. Wipe New, New Wipe, Go baby!”

Watch the full Wipe New review from KSFY below:

KSFY News – Sioux Falls, SD News, Weather, Sports

12 Aug

WBRZ (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) Asks if Wipe New Really Works

WBRZ of Baton Rouge, Louisiana recently reviewed the Wipe New car trim restorer for their “Does it Really Work?” series. They decided to use Wipe New at local business, United Collision Center, where June helped them to test the car trim restorer. “Wow” says June after applying some Wipe New on a car. “It looks like it works. It looks pretty good!”

Watch the full Wipe New review from WBRZ below: