18 Jun

Snackeez Launches Snackeez Duo


Check out the latest addition from the Snackeez brand….introducing Snackeez Duo!

Snackeez Duo is everything you love about Snackeez, but they’re also lightweight and recyclable. They look great for parties, picnics, sporting events…wherever there’s snacking with a group of people.  Snackeez Duo comes in a convenient multipack, they can be personalized, and you can even wash and re-use them!

Check out the official Snackeez Duo video below and visit the Snackeez Duo website for more!

27 Mar

KFVS (Cape Girardeau, MO) Review the All-in-One Snackeez Cup


If you’re a parent – or a person who regularly has childen in your car – you know that on-the-road “snack time” can lead to a lot of messes and spills. Snackeez is an all-in-one cup that allows kids to hold their beverage and some snacks and one, single cup AND it’s suppose to be spill proof!

KFVS recently decided to test Snackeez and they asked mother, Meagan Huck, and her 4-year old son, Cullen, to help them with their Snackeez review.

“I’m hoping that it decreases on the mess in my car,” says Meagan “and just keeps everything in one spot instead of having to grab several different things.”

They filled up a Snackeez cup with some juice, and then tightened the lid. They then placed some fruit loops in the snacking container and then they turned it upside down.

“That’s not bad at all,” said Huck. “I like how it’s all in one, very little spillage, my car seats are always a mess from him spilling stuff, so I would definitely use this in the car.”

Watch the Snackeez video review below and find out why Huck gave Snackeez 4 1/2 stars!

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11 Jun

WGN9 (Chicago, IL) Discusses My Spy Birdhouse

WGN9 of Chicago, IL recently did a segment exploring how children can better connect with nature this summer.  Birding expert, James Currie, joined WGN9 to help them explore some products.  They started the exploration with the As Seen on TV product, My Spy Birdhouse which “allows you to look right into the lifecycle of birds.”  They also consider some products that are not As Seen on TV.

Check out their My Spy Birdhouse video


04 Jun

WVEC (Norfolk, VA) Reviews Snackeez

Sandra Parker recently reviewed the Snackeez with Norfolk resident and busy mother of two Kathy Shelton for WVEC’s “Does it Work” series. Parker starts by saying the Snackeez can help you “balance your drinks and snacks” and Shelton was pleased that nothing spilled during her Snackeez test and she said the Snackeez “absolutely works!”

View the Snackeez review video below: