25 Jul

FOX17 (Grand Rapids, MI) Considers Cool It Caddy

There’s no denying it!  The hot summer months are here!   While it’s the perfect time to hit the beach or have a BBQ, there are some considerations one needs to consider during the hot days.


Introducing Cool-It Caddy!  Cool-it Caddy (and Icepops) are personal coolers created by Vinci Designs.  These caddies claim to be able to keep your lip lusters, sunscreen, snacks, medications and make-up chilled even in the hottest of places.

FOX 17 decided to give Cool It Caddy a test and to see if they’re really as “cool” as they look.  They tested it at a local waterpark on a hot day by filling up their Cool It Caddy with heat-sensitive products like lipstick and concealer.

Find out if the Cool It Caddy passed their tests by watching the video below:

28 Jun

FOX28 (South Bend, IN) Considers the Drain Weasel


Clogged drains can be a real nuisance!  Instead of immediately calling that plumber you may be able to do some unclogging with Drain Weasel.

FOX 28 recently decided to put the Drain Weasal to the test to see if their viewers can save some money.  KWWL viewer, Emily Neuendorf,, says every two or three months she notices the bathtub drain getting clogged and she agreed to give Drain Weasel a try. 

The product maker markets the Drain Weasel as safe, given no chemicals are used and Neuendorf liked the idea of no harsh ingredients, but did the Drain Weasel work for her?  Watch the video below to find out:

Fox 28: South Bend, Elkhart IN News, Weather, Sports

26 Feb

WNEP (Scranton, PA) Test Engrave It!


WNEP recently tested Engrave It for their “Does it Really Work?” series and they asked Jarred Welby of Superior Trophy and Engraving Company in Scranton to help them with the review.

Jarrard Welby first tried it on wood and then turned to glass. Jarrard thought his Engrave It engravings turned out pretty good. Anchor, Kurt, decided to try Engrave It for himself and to see how it would do on steel and brass.

In all Engrave It was tested on a half dozen surfaces. Everyone loved Engrave It and they gave it “two big thumbs up!”

Watch the full Engrave It video review below:

03 Dec

NECN Asks Does The Selfie Snap Work?

Let’s face it. Almost all of us do it. We pick our phone, we choose the camera and “SNAP!” It’s a selfie! But taking good pictures of one’s self isn’t always the easiest thing to pull off.

New England station, NECN, decided to review a product that promises to make it easier on us, the Selfie Snap. Reporter Leslie Gaydos, from the “Does it Work” series, asked a group of tween girls to help her test the Selfie Snap. The girls were able to download the required app quickly. They soon also mastered the wireless technology involved with the Selfie Snap shutter control and we’re talking all kind of selfies.

“This is so cool!” yell the girls! “This IS so cool!” Gaydos declares. “It’s unanimous. The Selfie Snap was a hit!”

Watch the full video review from NECN below: