02 Sep

The History of the Snuggie with World News Now

ABC’s World News Now explored some history about one the world’s most popular As Seen on TV products: the Snuggie! The piece begins with shots from a Snuggie commercial and a World News Now anchor saying it’s the “commercial that launched a revolution!”  It certainly was!

Both anchors celebrated their “Snuggie Appreciation Day” by wearing some green plaid Snuggies. They discussed the success of the Snuggie, the various prints available, a number of items from the Snuggie line, and how you can use a Snuggie for Halloween (it’s right about the corner!)


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23 Sep

KSFY (Sioux Falls, SD) Ask if Wipe New Really Works

KSFY news reporter, Nancy Naeve, decided to test Wipe New for this ABC station’s “Does it Work?” series. She tried the Wipe New car restorer on the station’s 2005 Ford Freestyle and says:

“I have to tell you, for the few minutes, at best, that it took me to do this and how easy it was and how good it looks, I say it works. Wipe New, New Wipe, Go baby!”

Watch the full Wipe New review from KSFY below:

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12 Aug

WBRZ (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) Asks if Wipe New Really Works

WBRZ of Baton Rouge, Louisiana recently reviewed the Wipe New car trim restorer for their “Does it Really Work?” series. They decided to use Wipe New at local business, United Collision Center, where June helped them to test the car trim restorer. “Wow” says June after applying some Wipe New on a car. “It looks like it works. It looks pretty good!”

Watch the full Wipe New review from WBRZ below:

14 Jul

WVEC (Norfolk, VA) Ask if Yoshi Grill and Bake Mats Work

Yoshi Grill and Bake Mats were recently reviewed by Norfolk, VA ABC station, WVCE, for their “Does it Really Work?” series.

News reporter, Sandra Parker, asked Meteorologist and self-proclaimed “grill master” Craig Moeller to test the Yoshi Grill and Bat Mats.

And what did Moeller think of the Yoshi Grill Mats?

“Craig really liked the grilling mat. He found that he was able to cook things, like sliced mushrooms, on the grill that he never would have been able to do with out the mat. He says while it is not a necessity, having the mat around would certainly make cooking certain things a lot easier. The only difference he really noticed by using the Grill Mat as opposed to the open flame of the grill is that it took a little longer to cook. But he still got the grill marks on his food, even through the mat.”

Check out the Yoshi Grill and Bake Mats review from WVCE