17 Sep

Press Release – Brett Favre Named Ambassador for Copper Fit Brand

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre understands muscle and joint pain. After taking a record 525 hits during his 20-year career on the field, Favre proved a perfect candidate for Copper Fit, a line of copper-infused elbow and knee compression sleeves designed to support muscles and joints. Favre made his debut as a Copper Fit brand ambassador in the commercial, “Life After Football” that began airing nationwide in September.


“I live with muscle and joint soreness every day,” said Favre, reflecting on his life in the NFL while working on his farm in Mississippi. “But life after football can be just as tough. For knee and elbow support, I choose Copper Fit.”

Like Favre, many athletes today wear compression sleeves to help keep muscles warm and working efficiently and relieving muscle and joint pain. Copper Fit’s knee and elbow compression sleeves are infused with copper ions that help protect the garment against bacteria that can cause stains, odors, and deterioration.

“To have a legendary professional athlete like Brett as a Copper Fit Brand Ambassador is a real honor. We’re excited and privileged to have Brett on board” said CEO Andy Khubani.

For more information visit www.getcopperfit.com and watch the Copper Fit “Life After Football” video below:

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