16 Apr

WVEC (Hampton Roads, VA) Try the Easy Eggwich


WVEC recently tried the Easy Eggwich for one of their “Does it Really Work with Sandra Parker” segments. They connected with one local Norfolk resident, Andy Grossman, who said he already had a system for making eggs in the microwave, but was willing to give Easy Eggwich a try.

Grossman thought Easy Eggwich did a good job and he said he would recommend it. While he didn’t think it was as good as the system he already uses to make perfectly-round eggs in the microwave, he says if he didn’t already have a special bowl to use he might think about buying Easy Eggwich.

Groosman liked the Easy Eggwich handle and the steam action seemed to keep the egg from drying out in the microwave.

Watch the full Easy Eggwich video review below:

12 Aug

WBRZ (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) Asks if Wipe New Really Works

WBRZ of Baton Rouge, Louisiana recently reviewed the Wipe New car trim restorer for their “Does it Really Work?” series. They decided to use Wipe New at local business, United Collision Center, where June helped them to test the car trim restorer. “Wow” says June after applying some Wipe New on a car. “It looks like it works. It looks pretty good!”

Watch the full Wipe New review from WBRZ below:

29 Jul

WREG (Memphis, TN) Provides a Snackeez Review

CBS station, WREG of Memphis, TN, considers the Snackeez all-in-one snacking/drinking cup for their “Does It Work?” series. They asked one busy Memphis realtor, who is always on-the-go, to assist them with their Snackeez review.

Watch the Snackeez review from WREG below for more: