04 Sep

The Denver Post Considers the Grill Daddy Camping and Tailgating Set

The Denver Post reviewed the Grill Daddy Camping and Tailgating 6-in-1 Set and called the Grill Daddy product “compact” and “sturdy.”

“‘Where there’s a grill, there’s a way’ could be the motto of Grill Daddy…” suggests the article. “The GrillDaddy Camping and Tailgating 6 in 1 Grill Set consists of a sturdy insulated steel handle and snap-on interchangeable steel spatula, spoon, fork, tongs and extension rod ‘heads'” it goes on to note.

Read their full Grill Daddy review


31 May

Grill Daddy and More on the Today Show

NBC’s popular Today Show recently explored a number of As Seen on TV and infomercial products and they looked at some of the “latest and greatest” at the Direct Response Expo in San Diego.

The video shows Today Consumer Correspondent, Janice Lieberman , having conversations with John Yarrington (editor of Response Magazine), and famous infomercial faces Suzanne Somers and Marc Gill.

Some products mentioned in the video include: 3 Way Poncho, Grill Daddy Camping & Tailgating Set, Chop Magic, Hurricane Spin Mop and many more.

Check out the video below:

21 May

Grill Daddy Pro Brush: Rachael Ray Show

The Grill Daddy Pro Brush was discussed on the Rachael Ray Show last summer and, with the summer months approaching us again, we’re sharing this video about Grill Daddy Pro with you. Victor Cruz (of the New York Giants) gives the Grill Daddy Pro Brush a try and he shares his experiences with Rachael Ray and her viewers. Check it out below.

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