29 May

KDKA (Pittsburg, PA) Try Copper Fit Sleeves

Copper Fit are compression sleeves for painful, stiff,sore, and working knees or elbows.  According to the Copper Fit website these compression sleeves can:

  • Provide support for muscle stiffness, soreness, and pain
  • Help to reduce recovery time of muscles
  • Support improved circulation and oxygenation of working muscles
  • Help prevent strain and fatigue by keeping muscles warm
  • Wick sweat away from the body to prevent chafing and rashes

KDKA decided to put Copper Fit to the test and they asked Pete, a contractor with his own remodeling business who has been dealing with knee pain for a while, to help them with their Copper Fit review.


Pete tried the Copper Fit knee sleeve on and was a little skeptical. “It looks like a sock,” he said.  He agreed, however, to wear Copper Fit for a few weeks and he reported his thoughts about the Copper Fit compression sleeve back to KDKA.

Watch the Copper Fit video below to find out if Copper Fit worked for Pete:

14 Nov

KDKA (Pittsburg, PA): Aquarist Considers My Fun Fish Self-Cleaning Tank

KDKA recently reviewed the My Fun Fish tank for their “Does it Work?” show. Reporter Jennifer Antkowiak asked her sister – a lead Aquarist at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium – to help her review the self-cleaning fish tank. Her sister, Katy, noticed how My Fun Fish used a siphoning system similiar to the one the aquarium used and she agreed to take care of her Betta in My Fun Fish for a week. When Jen returned at the end of the week they both noticed how dirty the water was and decided to see if My Fun Fish lived up to its’ claims.

“Katy poured conditioned, clean water in, and, they see dirty water flush out. A second flush removed even more debris.” Katy gave My Fun Fish a “thumbs up!”

Watch the full My Fun Fish video review from KDKA below: