03 Dec

NECN Asks Does The Selfie Snap Work?

Let’s face it. Almost all of us do it. We pick our phone, we choose the camera and “SNAP!” It’s a selfie! But taking good pictures of one’s self isn’t always the easiest thing to pull off.

New England station, NECN, decided to review a product that promises to make it easier on us, the Selfie Snap. Reporter Leslie Gaydos, from the “Does it Work” series, asked a group of tween girls to help her test the Selfie Snap. The girls were able to download the required app quickly. They soon also mastered the wireless technology involved with the Selfie Snap shutter control and we’re talking all kind of selfies.

“This is so cool!” yell the girls! “This IS so cool!” Gaydos declares. “It’s unanimous. The Selfie Snap was a hit!”

Watch the full video review from NECN below: