20 Mar

KVUE (Austin, TX) Give 3 Way Poncho a Try!


KVUE recently decided to try out Suzanne Somer’s 3 Way Poncho for their “Does it Work?” series and they asked Pageant coach, model and the reigning Miss Plus America Essence, Spruce Dickerson, to help them put 3 Way Poncho to the test.

“The material is a nice jersey like a T-shirt material it’s soft,” says Dickerson. “It’s an attractive look….”

KVUE anchor, Quita Culpepper, calls the 3 Way Poncho “chic” and says – with some help from Dickerson – they are “runway-ready!”

Watch their full 3 Way Poncho video review below:

14 Dec

Threeway Poncho and Howie Mandel (Ellen Degeneres Show)

Howie Mandel visited the Ellen Degeneres Show and he said he wanted to arrive fashionable for Ellen so he arrived wearing the Threeway Poncho.

“I happened to be up late the other night and I saw the commerical for Suzanne Somer’s Threeway Poncho,” says Mandel “so I got it and it’s amazing!”

Mandel then does some modelling as he shows off his black threeway poncho. Looking good Howie!


17 Oct

Suzanne Somers and the 3 Way Poncho on Fox & Friends

Suzanne Somers appeared on Fox & Friends this week to show the hosts her 3 Way Poncho.

The 3 Way Poncho can be worn in various ways so you can easily transform from casual into professional and then dressy. Visit the official 3 Way Poncho website and watch the video below of Suzanne and Fox & Friends hosts putting on a fashion show with their 3 Way Ponchos.