07 Apr

WZZM (Grand Rapids, MI) Try the 1 Second Slicer


WZZM recently decided to review the 1 Second Slider for their regular series, “Try It Before You Buy It!” and they asked Mark Kingshott from “All In One Chef” to help them with their 1 Second Slicer review.

“It does chop very quickly,” they report. “With hardly any effort, I was able to whiz through onions, peppers, potatoes and tomatoes with ease. The tomatoes even cut cleanly without being squished or smashed.”

They also liked the 1 Second Slicer self-cleaning button that they said “worked perfectly!”

Watch the full 1 Second Slicer video review below:

07 Feb

WZZM (Grand Rapids, MI) Try Secret Extensions


Lauren Stanton – and some other female anchors from WZZM – decide to give Secret Extensions a go for their “Try It Before You Buy It” series.

All four women agreed that Secret Extensions was really easy to put on. “The headband hides nicely in your hair line, it’s just a super thin elastic band that goes over the top of your hair. It doesn’t tangle in your hair at all,” says one of the anchors.

Watch their full Secret Extensions review below: